INTELLIWARE solicits and procures business on behalf of clients.
The company acts as a representing body for companies that wish to promote their products and services to and from the Middle east. The group is strategically affiliated with various local and international entities to serve a unique service package. The company’s stronghold lies in the territories of Iran, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.

Connect through INTELLIWARE to the region’s top professionals, influencive people and major dicision makers. INTELLIWARE provides the necessary leverage for organizations seeking to benefit from these uniquely lucrative yet challenging markets.

  • Services
    We serve companies with a range of Business Services supported by teams from the region’s top professionals. From Business Development, Sales and Marketing practices to consultancy on Legal and Commercial maters to providing of infrastructure, our range of services are tailored to benefit our clients in many ways.
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  • Partners
    INTELLIWARE constantly expands into new markets by leveraging on networks of partner companies and individuals. Our affiliation with various private and public entities serves as our stronghold in providing the right reach into markets and also expands our scope of services.
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  • Events
    INTELLIWARE serves as a one-stop shop for companies who wish to introduce an event to promote their business activities. The company has a strong reputation for organizing various types of events within the Middle East.

Strategic Alliances

INTELLIWARE is in liaison with various multinational and local corporations that support our clients across the Middle East as well as Europe, North America and the Far East. INTELLIWARE continues to leverage on the networks and expertise these alliances provide.

oicOrganization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
INTELLIWARE is the official representative of the Organization of islamic Cooperation International Business Centre in the territories of Iran, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.
INTELLIWARE collaborates with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation International Business Centre on the promotion of the OIC World Business Exhibition and the prestigious OIC Jewel Awards.
nipdcIranian Oil, Gas,& Petrochemical Products Exporters Association
Iranian Oil, Gas,& Petrochemical Products Exporters Association is the official representing body for the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) as well as many other public and private Oil, Gas and Petrochemical related companies in Iran. More 180 refineries, 80 powerplants and 20 major oil and gas zones are represented by the association. INTELLIWARE holds the international business development rights for the association and is allowed to connect and commune through the association with all it's member companies.
ieeceInternational Conferences & Exhibitions LLC
INTELLIWARE represents IC&E in specific territories and holds a strategic alliance with the stakeholders in the events which mark as a flagships to the Oil and Gas and Educational business environment of the Middle East. Dubai has a track record of being the place where some of the world’s largest oil & gas contracts and other related trading activities take place. Dubai is also the educational hub in the region with most well known educational platforms having campuses in the country.
dubaichamberDubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
INTELLIWARE collaborates on various aspects with the Dubai Chamber mainly on organizations for receiving commercial delegations, organizing events, performing promotional activities for clients and business matching services.
The Dubai Chamber provides a number of services for its 150,000+ members including dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration), issuing certificates of origin and ATA Carnets, legal services, receiving foreign commercial delegations and sending delegates abroad, organizing trade fairs and economic forums, organizing training programs for entrepreneurs, serving business groups and councils, providing credit rating services, business matching services, access to updated research and numerous reports, and other services that meet help members to network and grow, thereby enhancing the investment environment in Dubai.

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